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This equipment use 380nm ~ 900nm wavelength and that is adjustable for hair removal & skin disease.

Function & Effect

† Make your skin smooth and clean at home.

† Very economical and simple to use.

† The cartridge lamp life is 40,000 times (at Level 1).

† It is so simple to replace to replace the cartridge.


† Lamp cartridge can be used max. 40,000 shots at level 1.

† Safe and easy to use : It considers convenience, and the stability to make it easy to operate.

† Skin disease treatment : Energy intensity of the light emitted by a pulse shape can be used for treating skin diseases.

† Wide range of level control : You may adjust the energy level depending on the skin tone (Level 1~8)

† Long time using : May use it for a long time because it is power connection type.

† Wide treatment area : It reduces the treatment time.

† Strong output power : Reaching to the deep into the skin by using the wavelength between 380nm ~900nm irradiation from maximum 800V.

† Auto function : Auto function for your conveniencs.

† Mute function : Mute function for your conveniencs.