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ARTJET-SS is Hyaluronic acid Injector.

It achieves the best effective result.

Hydro Lifting Effect

HA attract and keep the moisture in the skin for 200 times of itself.   
→ Put HA into the dermis, then it can make moisturized skin.


1. Small size HA injector(including Suction).
2. Easy to use.
3. For all types of syringe.
4. Low price, but have suction function.
5. No loss of solution.
6. The preparation time is short.
7. Reduce treatment time by rapid injection.
8. Convenient handy control at any grip conditions by Ergonomic design.
9. Constant injection volume makes natural treatment result.


1. Facial lifting.
2. Improve wrinkles.
3. Moisturizing.
4. Reducing pore size.


Face, Chin, Lower Eyelid, Forehead, Neck, Cheek etc.