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What is Art-Peel?

Domestic Aqua Peeling is from US  ‘ HYDRAFACIAL ’. 
Solution  in Art-Peel  is made with several tests about  asian people’s skin troubles.  
Art-Peel has benefits  in less pain and bleeding, so most of  domestic hospitals use it for better results before & after Laser treatment.

Art-Peel Solution 3-steps!

① Solution “AS” : Smoothen skin. (First cleaning pore  for keratin, sebum etc.)

First solution “AS” from the center of tip  rotates clockwise and smoothen impurities such as keratin, sebum and blackhead.
Impurities are gathered in the dust bucket through the inlet tube.
First solution is water-soluble and it’s usually for removing keratin, moisturizing, collagen synthesis and inhibiting active oxygen.

② Solution “SA” : Clean inside the pores. (Second cleaning pore for sebum, blackhead etc. )

Second solutioin SA is Salicylic acid(bha)0.5% fat-soluble.
Usually it’s for oily skin & acne treatment, and the solution is sprayed for contaminated skin by sebum, blackhead and pores.

③ Solution “AO” :  Provide  nutrition. (Vitamin-B, Anti-oxidation, Moisturizing, Inhibit melanin, Provide nutrition)

Third solution AO is a softner GLYCERIN (C3H8O3) Hydro-essence,
it provides  nutrition like Vitamin-B, does Anti-oxidation, moisturizes and inhibits melanin.


1. By settlement for Skin troubles like Black Head, Dark Skin, Acne and Keratin.
2. It is possible to make Moist Skin, Whitening Skin and Pore Tightening.
3. By Cleaning Pore and removing Dead Skin Cells.
   It exfoliates Demodex folliculorum to solve serious skin trouble.


   1. Less Pain & Stimulation.
   2. Immidiate Effectiveness.
   3. Short treatment time.
   4. Variety indications.