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Combi-excellent Dynamic Ultrasound Massage System

Ultrasound shows physical, thermal and chemical effects so has been used for a long time in medical and cosmetic field.

PICASSO-SDM use 1MHz, 3MHz, 10MHz ultrasound selectively, penetrate physical and thermal energy to epidermis & dermis layer without pain.


Depth of penetration of different ultrasound waves

Dual wavelength of ultrasound is effective to cosmetic and skin trouble by improving aging skin without pain.

Efficacy and Effects

The two types of ultrasound with different penetration depth cause the pressure difference between each skin layer,and this pressure difference activate cells & tissues by stimulating cell as well as cell membrane.

PICASSO-SDM technology offers three advantages over the typical ultrasound devices.

  1. The ultrasound technology of strong repetitive pulse forms a new type of micro-massage effect on cells and tissues, so provides excellent effect in regeneration of tissue.
  2. PICASSO-SDM technology offers a variety of biological effects at the same time by using a strong repetitive ultrasound pulse.
  3. 1MHz, 3MHz, 10MHz variant frequency control the depth of penetration to the tissue, so it can be used on many treatment areas.

Wrinkle & Elasticity Care

Over the years skin and subcutaneous becomes thin and collagen & elastic fiber is destroyed, so skin elasticity is reduced and wrinkles are increasing.
PICASSO-SDM can give you effects for elasticity, lifting, shrink pores, skin texture improvement.

❶ Droplets lifting

  Former lifting care is just for elasticity & wrinkle, but Droplets lifting make moist and shiny skin by pulling moisture into dermis.

  • Skin elasticity lifting effect
  • Pore tightening Acne, scar care
  • Wrinkle care
  • Moisturizing Whitening

❷ Effects

   It works deep into skin by using a powerful Ultrasound, makes bright & moist skin without damage.

    • Skin elasticity Improve
    • skin tone
    • Skin texture care

  After acne extrusion, it helps regeneration and reduces redness.

    • Acne care

  Treatment with Fraxel Dual Laser can reduce erythema & pigmentation and it’s effective to recover wounds.

    • Acne Pore tightening
    • Scar Pore tightening

  Treatment with other equipment can show effects on skin elasticity & whitening.

    • Elasticity improvement
    • Whitening

❸ Treatment target

  • Poor skin elasticity, wide wrinkles.
  • Dry skin (Require Moisturizing).
  • Older-looking skin with many fine wrinkles.
  • Rough skin with large pores.
  • Dark skin tone.
  • Frequently occurred troubles such as acne.

❹ Features

  • Little pain and swelling do not interfere with everyday life.
  • Treatment with other equipment is more effective and shows less side-effect.
  • Do not use anesthetic cream.
  • Treatment is simple and needs short time within 30 minutes.
  • It is safe, so treatment is possible during pregnancy.


Rated Voltage and Frequency AC110~230V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 200VA
Class and Type of protection against electric shock Class 1 / BF
Ultrasound Output Frequency Ultrasound Output Frequency CH1 : 1MHz & 3MHz (±20%)
CH2 : 3MHz & 10MHz (±20%)
Ultrasound Output Waveform Continuous Waveform
Maximum Usage Time 30min.
Timer 1~30min.
Effective Intensity under 3W/㎠
Radiating Area 5.0㎠