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Equipment for Erasing skin-pigmentations.
• High-frequency device
• Alternative option of CO2 laser
• Minimized side effect with optimal power and frequency
• Simple & Easy control
• Convenient and easy to use


Principle of X-POT

1. High frequency causes water molecule to oscillate causing friction between the molecules which then forms energy to treat skin.
2. Converts electric power to heat energy.

Advantages of X-POT

1. Ergonomic design for user convenience. 
2. Less pain.
3. Various intensity level for use.
4. Safe, effective and fast treatment.
5. Three kinds of tips for different application.

How to use

 1. Connect DC12V power adapter to the device.
 2. Press the On/Off Button.
 3. Set the power level to your choice.
     √ Regular spots : Power level 1-2
     √ Deep spots : Power level 3-4
     √ Blemish spots : Power level 1-2
 4. Press the shot button. Gently touch the lesion with the tip and move the tip horizontally and vertically to proceed.

Precautions for use

 1. Do not stay in one spot for long.
 2. Operate several times at short intervals.
 3. Start at lower level and increase its level while using the device.
 4. Avoid sunlight after the treatment to avoid pigmentation.
 5. Do not use if you have sensitive skin, skin disease, keloid skin or allergy to metal.
 6. Be careful when treating around the eyes and lip area.
 7. Stop using the device immediately when it shows sign of rash, inflammation or allergic reaction.

Post-procedure precations

 1. Recovery time may vary for each individual.
 2. Leave the crust to fall off naturally.
 3. After the procedure, do not swim, over-exercise, drink alcohol for one week.
 4. After the procedure, cleanliness is a must to prevent any inflammation.


 •  Spot, Skin tag, Syringoma, Liver spot, Mole, Milium

Use for Power Level
Regular Spots 1~2
Deep Spots 3~4
Blemish Spots 1~2


Product name X-POT
Dimension Body : 185mm(L)×25mm(W)×25mm(H)     Box : 215mm(L)×130mm(W)×87mm(H)
Weight Body : 49g   Box : 700g
Components Body 1ea, Adaptor 1ea,Needle tip 3ea , Body Stand 1ea , Body Cable 1ea