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Equipment for Erasing skin-pigmentations.(Using high-frequency)
 • LED digital system
 • Ergonomic design
 • Frequency & Power control
 • Simple & Easy control
 • Safe using
 • Easy use by shaping Pencil-type


How to use

 1. Connect the needle-tip.
 2. Connect the power adaptor.
 3. Set the Frequency & Power-level.
 4. Push the start button.
 5. Don’t fix in one point, move it during treatment.

Using sites

 •  Spot & Fibroma which can’t erased by peeling or MTS.
 •  Freckles & blotch need a continuous treatment, ineffective for green spot.

Use for Frequency Power
Scar 2 2~5
Syringoma 2~3 2~9
Spot 3~4 3~7
Skin tag 4 5~9

Cautions during treatment

•  In case of severe symptom, you should do several times treatment, don’t do that excessively at once.
•  Don’t fix the needle-tip at one point, move it during treatment.
•  In case fixing at one point, it may cause scar.  

Cautions after treatment

•  Recovery time can be different for the individuals.
•  Don’t do face washing in 1 day.
•  If there’s a scab, don’t remove it by force.
•  Prohibit excessive excercises for 1 week.
•  Use sun-cream after scab drops for prohibiting skin-coloring.
•  Keep cleanness to prevent infection.


Product name ZeroSpot+
Dimension 165mm×29mm×23mm(H)
Weight 57g
Components Body 1ea,Adaptor 1ea,Needle tip 2ea